17 Awesome Gifts For 80 Year Old Man (#9 is Very Useful)

Finding gifts for an 80-year-old man can be a demanding task, especially if you are looking for a gift for your father or grandpa.

I mean, we all know how grumpy can they can when they don’t like something and we don’t want that to happen for their 80th birthday.

It’s definitely a better option to find the gifts they will love and appreciate. Below you’ll find quite a list of some gifts ideas.

1. Share the moment of joy with him easily with this digital photo frame. I believe this is a sweet gifts for 80 years old man

80th birthday present ideas

NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame

Needless to say, among 80th birthday gift ideas for grandpa, you will find this digital photo frame.

Although it’s easy to use, your grandpa probably doesn’t want to bother with all those functions, so it’s better to set everything up for him.

Whenever he feels nostalgic, this frame will enable him to look at family photos and that will cheer him up.

2. Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Let’s pamper him with a great massage everyday

Best Gifts For 80 Year Old Man massage chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

What’s better than relaxing on this massage chair? He can turn his favourite music on while enjoying massage on this chair.

You know what’s the best thing about this massage chair? The zero gravity system where you can take a nap on this chair while the chair massage you.

This is such a great gift to enjoy life.

Not sure which massage chair you should get for him? Then you should check out this awesome massage chair review.

3. 80 Years Of Awesome – Tell him he is awesome with this t-shirt

80th birthday gifts for dad

80 Years Of Awesome T-Shirt

This is how you tell him how awesome he is with this t-shirt.

Get this t-shirt for him.

4. Let’s keep your father feet warm

80th birthday present

Harfinger Wool Slipper

We did some research on the most useful gift ideas for 80-year-old dads and we came up with the slippers. If your father wears them, you should definitely buy him a pair of these.

They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of natural wool, they will keep the optimal temperature in a cold environment as well as in a hot one.

This is a great gift to keep his feet warm.

5. Listen all his oldies with this turntable

vintage turntable 60th birthday gifts for father

Pyle Vintage Turntable

It’s not a surprise to find a vintage record player among the best presents for 80-year-olds. So, it’s time for your dad to relax and enjoy his favorite songs and his birthday.

He will admire this record player’s vintage look every day.

6. Let him soothes his face after every shave

80th birthday gift ideas for dad

Cutman Aftershave

The most needed present for the 80-year-old man would be 2-in-1 after shave and moisturizer for a smooth and a healthy-looking skin.

You don’t have to buy your father two products because with this one he gets everything he needs so he can take a proper care of his face.

It’s easy to use since it comes in a pump bottle, so no more mess all around the bathroom.

This gift is made from best ingredients such as Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Menthol and Propolis to help in minimizing irritation after shaving and to give a refreshing feel.

7. Free Printable – You can get him this love coupon, birthday tag and birthday quote printable for FREE!

sentimental gifts for him free printable

Free Birthday Printable Bundle

This is what you will get in this bundle.

  • 10 free funny printable notes for your friends, husband, or boyfriend birthday
  • 4 free beautiful printable birthday tags
  • 12 free printable love coupon for his coming birthday + 12 empty template for you to add on yourself

Get it now here for free and I am sure he will love it.

8. Vintage phone that works!

vintage telephone 60th birthday gifts for him

Vintage Rotary Telephone

Among the 80th birthday gift ideas for dad, you can definitely find the vintage phone.

This retro look vintage phone will leave your dad speechless and he will put this phone in his living room with a pride.

It works directly with a current telephone line, so don’t worry whether it has batteries or not.

9. This built in heated Jacket is a life saver for cold winter

heated jacket 80th birthday gifts for him

Mobile Warming – Classic Heated Jacket

If you want more birthday gift ideas for the 80-year-old man, here is one: a heated jacket. It’s ideal for long walks and for sitting in the park while your dad reads the newspapers.

It’s waterproof but breathable. It has three heating panels for warming up the back and the chest and most important, this jacket doesn’t lack comfort.

10. This infrared heater will keep him warm when he is cold

80th birthday gifts for men

Dr.Infrared Portable Heater

Your grandpa’s birthday is getting closer and you don’t have a clue what to get for him? You already got him all he needs?

Well, you should think again, because we are pretty sure that he could have a use from this infrared heater.

Your grandpa will be happy to have this one to keep him warm whenever he wants to. It isn’t noisy and it can heat up the room easily.

11. Personalized Family Tree Poster


Personalized family Tree

Without a doubt, the most remarkable birthday present for the 80-year-old man is this hand-made family tree.

Although your grandpa can get a little bit nostalgic, he will be glad to have it. It will look amazing in your grandpa’s home, where he can put in on the shelf and simply enjoy the view.

12. This coffee warmer that keep his coffee warm


Norpro Cup Warmer

If your dad read books this cup warmer would be a perfect choice as his birthday gift. He can place it on his table and enjoy both the coffee and a book early in the morning.

I believe that there is no better sensation for book lovers than that.

13. Shoulder ache? This massager should ease his pain

80th birthday gift ideas for men

Thumper Massager

A massage is always a great birthday gift, especially if it’s for older people. So, your father definitely should have a massage for releasing a back or neck tension.

Here we have the massager that will help him to feel more relaxed so he can work in the backyard as long as he wants. No more frustrating back or shoulder pain for your dad.

14. Keep him warm during the sleep with this electric heated blanket

80th birthday gifts for him

Sunbeam Electric Heated Blanket

If your dad always feels cold during the snowy days, we have a perfect gift for his birthday. He will absolutely love this electric heated blanket.

It’s practical gift because it can be washed in the machine and it’s easy to use.

It even has 3 hours auto-off option which is very convenient if he falls asleep while watching the TV.

Imagine just the cozy feeling while your dad is tucked in his favorite chair watching the snow falling.

15. Get him all the food he love in one basket


Savouring Snack Gift Basket

Among the classic gift ideas for the 80-year-old man is a snacking gift basket. Although it doesn’t sound like a special gift, it certainly has a special taste, which is why people buy it.

So, this is a perfect choice if you are in a hurry and can’t spend all day looking for a suitable birthday gift.

16. Let him have a good laugh with this joke book

80th birthday gift ideas for him

Best Yo Mama Joke Book

We all know that laughter has always been the best medicine but sometimes we (especially the old folks) need to be reminded on that.

So, if you haven’t seen your grandpa smiling for a while, why don’t you buy him a joke book for his birthday?

This collection with over 230 jokes will definitely cheer him up and bring his positive energy back to life.

17. Personalized socks for him!

80th birthday gifts for grandad

Personalized Socks

What could be a better birthday gift for the 80-year-old man whose hobby is fishing than personalized socks with a fish motif?

Apart from its interesting and original look, the socks are made of wool and acrylic so they will keep feet warm while providing the comfort. Your grandpa will be eager to wear them.

Now you have a list of the best gifts to buy for 80-year-old men and you can choose the right gift for your father’s birthday. Whichever you get for him, make sure that he really loves it.

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