18 Best Gifts For 70 Year Old Man (especially #12)

Finding gifts for a 70-year-old man doesn’t have to be exhausting, moreover, it can be fun. With our list of best gift ideas for your dad or grandpa, you will enjoy the shopping time.

Below you will find various gifts ideas so you can opt for the most suitable one.

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What to get for an 80 year old man? 
Vintage Vinyl PlayerNoise Cancelling Headphones
Awesome T-shirtHeated Mattress Pad
Backgammon SetLap Desk
Shiatsu Massage ChairElectric Cup Warmer
Free Birthday
Printable Bundle
Awesome Apron
Keurig Coffee MakerCashmere Sweater
Kindle PaperwhiteBedside Organiser
Vintage Rotary TelephoneGardening Tool Set
70 Things to do when you turn 70

1. Does he still keep his favourite vinyl? Then this is a great gifts for 70 year old man

vintage turntable 60th birthday gifts for father

Pyle Vintage Turntable With Horn

The first among 70th birthday gift ideas for dad is obviously a vintage record player. It’s easy to use and it works with various devices such as Android, MP3 Player, Tablet or Smartphone.

It’s time for your dad and you to spend some time together listening to your favorite music and talking about the good, old times.

2. Awesome T-Shirt. A great 70th birthday gifts for dad

70 years old birthday gifts for father

70 Years Of Awesome T-Shirt

He is going to find this t-shirt so awesome that he is not going to take it off. I think this is a great 70th birthday gift ideas for men.

Get one for him here.

3. He can fill his free time with games with the family

70th birthday gift ideas

Classic Backgammon Set

Among 70th birthday present ideas for dad that will bring him a lot of fun is certainly this Backgammon set.

This 70th birthday has to be an extraordinary one, so it’s time for a family reunion and we know that family time equals time to play this amazing game.

It is a nice present for a 70 year old man.

4. Get a chair massage to help him relax

Best Gifts For 70 Year Old Man massage chair

Shiatsu Heated Chair Massager

This massager is going to give him a full body massage from neck to calves.

Imagine sitting on this chair and enjoy watching his favorite tv show with some popcorn on the side.

I am sure he will be delighted to receive this chair massage as a birthday present.

Looking for massage chair review? Then you should check out this article 10 Best Massage Chair That Better Than Thai Massage

5. Free Printables – You can get him this love coupon, birthday tag and birthday quote printable for FREE!

sentimental gifts for him free printable

Free Birthday Printable Bundle

You are going to have fun with this free printable and you will get…

  • 10 free funny printable notes for your friends, husband, or boyfriend birthday
  • 4 free beautiful printable birthday tags
  • 12 free printable love coupon for his coming birthday + 12 empty template for you to add on yourself

Get it now here for free and I am sure he will find it awesome.

6. Making coffee the easy way

keurig coffee maker 60th biirthday gifts for husband

Keurig Elite Coffee System

If your dad enjoys making coffee for the whole family, then he would be happy to use this awesome machine.

Buying a coffee maker is always a great birthday gift, but buying a machine that will give you the chance to brew a coffee, a tea, a specialty and iced beverages is like the best gift ever.

Whether it’s summer or winter your dad will make your beverages that will keep you refreshed or warm.

7. Let him read easily day and night

70th birthday ideas for dad

Kindle Paperwhite

Have you thought about getting E-reader to your father, so he can enjoy reading classics in his bad at night? We are sure that this would be the best gift for his 70th birthday.

What he will love about this amazing e-reader is the long-lasting battery because he won’t have to bother with charging it every day.

8. He is going to miss using this

vintage telephone 60th birthday gifts for him

Vintage Rotary Telephone

Who doesn’t want to have a retro phone that will give an old shine to our precious home?

If your grandpa spends a lot of time talking on the phone with his grandchildren, you should buy him this as a birthday gift.

He will love this vintage phone and he will spend even more time talking on the phone.

This is a nice gift idea for 70 year old man who have everything.

9. He will never run out of things to do again

70th birthday gift ideas for dad

70 Things to do When Y0u Turn 70

Among the best 70th birthday ideas for dad, we’ve found this inspiring book that will lift up your dad’s spirit and show him that he still has a lot to do.

After reading this book he will realize that it’s time to enjoy the changes and to finally do those things that he never had time for.

10. Let your dad sit back and relax listening to his favorite music

70th birthday gifts for dad

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphone

Going for a trip is great when you are 70-year-old because you have plenty of time to enjoy beautiful sceneries and you don’t have to worry about anything else except what you’re going to do on your trip.

So, if your dad travels often, why don’t you buy him these noise canceling headphones so he can really enjoy the trip while listening to his favorite songs?

11. Heated Pad

heated mattress 60th birthday gifts for him

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

Among 70th birthday present ideas for grandpa, you will find this amazing heated mattress pad so your grandpa’s bed will never be cold again.

He will enjoy sleeping in a warm bed and he will wake up each morning happy and restful.

12. Let him play his tablet comfortably on his lap

70th birthday gifts for him

LapGear Lap Desk

If your dad often uses his laptop this Lap gear can be a very practical gift for his birthday. He will certainly more appreciate this rather than some aftershave.

This lap gear will provide both comfort and stability. It can be used for laptops that are up to 17 inches and it’s suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

13. Electric cup warmer


Norpro Electric Cup Warmer

If your dad spends a lot of time reading so he doesn’t even notice when his coffee or tea gets cold, we have a perfect gift for his birthday.

With this decorative cup warmer, he will enjoy drinking his tea or coffee sitting in his favorite chair and reading his favorite book.

It is a nice birthday gift for a 70 year old man.

14. Your grandfather is definitely going to like this gifts

70th birthday gift ideas for grandfather

Grillin Apron

Cooking is always fun, especially when we have a cool apron that we wear even when we don’t cook.

So, if you want to buy a birthday gift for the 70-year-old man, we suggest you buying this awesome apron that your grandpa will definitely love.

15. Spend more time with him

70th birthday gifts ideas for dad time

If this is the first time celebrating his birthday without his significant other, I think this is a great idea to spend more time with him.

When my mom passed away, it is so hard to celebrate my birthday without her. Luckily, my friend throw me a simple dinner to help me get through it.

There is nothing more valuable than spending time with our family though most of the time we are too busy for that.

So spend some time and take him out for a nice dinner.

We’re sure that the two of you have a lot of fun together.

16. A good quality cashmere sweater to keep him warm on Christmas


William Cashmere

We just can’t get enough of these good, old cashmere sweaters, that we always find a reason to get a new one.

So, if Christmas is in a few days and you didn’t have time to get him a present, you can buy him this lovely cashmere sweater. It’s available in various colors so you can pick his favorite one.

I think this is a nice Christmas gift for a 70 year old man.

17. Store all his books and tablet with this bedside organizer

70th birthday gifts for men

HAKACC Bedside Organiser

Organizing things in the best way is something we learn all our life. So, even when we’re 70 years old, we still want to get anything that helps us in keeping our home organized.

Here we have a storage organizer that can be a perfect gift for your dad’s birthday.

He can place it at the bedside or at the table where he will keep his books, glasses, and pens at one place. So, he doesn’t have to look for his glasses all over the house anymore.

18. Does he love gardening to kill his time?

70th birthday presents for dad

Garden HOME Tool Set

There is something relaxing in taking care of your garden, especially if you don’t quite have anything else to do. So, here we have a 7-piece garden tool set for your grandpa’s birthday.

He will be amazed at what this set offers– it has various tools so he can use the one he needs, a canvas tool bag that can be easily detached and a portable folding stool when he wants to take a break.


Ladies that would be all of the best gift ideas for 70 years old men. We believe that you now know what your father or grandpa will love the most from all these amazing gifts, so it’s shopping time.

Get them wonderful gifts that they will be thankful for.

Share these amazing gift ideas with your friend who is looking for gifts for a 70 year old man.

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