14 Awesome Cycling Gifts Ideas For Him (You Got To See The Last One!)

Looking for cycling gifts for him?

I have done some searching on the internet when I am looking for present for cyclist and I found out there are a lot of accessories you can get for him actually.

I have handpicked a few website that list out gift ideas for cyclist that I found interesting and put it in this page. (which you will see at the end of this post)

Before that, let’s look at the gifts I pick from web recommendation that I found interesting.

1. Bike Barrel Bag is an useful cycling gifts for him to keep his belonging


Walnut Studio Barrel Bag

Here we have a perfect gift for your favorite bike commuter- Seat Barrel Bag. This gift is just perfect for carrying his keys, phone, pens or whatever he wants.

What we love is the natural beauty of this Bag that comes from high-quality American vegetable-tanned leather. Moreover, this piece of art is hand-crafted and it will certainly last for a long time.

2. This funny t-shirt

cycling gifts for him t shirt

Life Behind Bar t-shirt

If you’re looking for a funny gift for a cyclist, this one will definitely serve the purpose. Having an extra T-shirt in that backpack while riding throughout the town is necessary because he never knows what comes next. This shirt has a funny “Life behind bars” print and it will make him laugh whenever he put it on.

3. Surf Board Bike Rack


Carver Surf Rack

If he’s into both cycling and surfing, we have just a perfect gift for his birthday. This Surf Rack will fit perfectly to his bike so he can go surfing whenever he wants.

No need to worry if this Surf Rack will damage his precious bike, because it’s guaranteed that it won’t mar, crush or scratch it.

4. This amazing pizza cutter

cycling gifts for him pizza cutter

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

If he’s obsessed with cycling thus his home is cycling-themed, this gift is simply a must-have for him. There is no doubt that he will fall in love with this Bicycle Pizza Cutter at a first glance.

Thanks to dual stainless steel blades, he will cut pizza with a zero effort. With this Pizza Cutter, cleaning has never been easier, he simply needs to wash it with warm water and soap.

5. LED Taillight with Laser Lane Marker


X-Fire LED Tail Light

I think every cyclist should have this for safety reason. This is a great gift for him who love cycling at night.

6. Bike chain mug

cycling gifts for him bike chain mug

Bike Chain Coffee Mug

What better way for a passionate cyclist to indulge the wonderful taste of morning coffee than with this Coffee Mug?

It looks so real, due to its 3D bike chain design that comes with a chrome finish. However, if he wants to enjoy the authentic look for quite a time, he definitely shouldn’t put this item in a dishwasher, but rather hand washes it.

7. Bicycle Frame Handle


The Little Lifter

I think this is the best gifts for those who live in city and cycle to work so they can easily lift their bike down the stair. Unless he is a pro that run down stairs with his bicycle like a piece of cake.

8. Bottle Opener

cycling gifts for him bottle opener

Metallic Bike Chain Bottle Opener

If your favorite cyclist loves drinking wine, then this gift will bring him a new way to enjoy opening that bottle. Due to the unique design, this Bottle opener will fit perfectly in his kitchen and he will enjoy the look of it whenever he wants to enjoy his favorite wine.

9. Sphyke C3n Bike Lock


Sphyke Bike Lock

This is probably the coolest bike lock I have ever seen. Bulky chain and wire lock can be cut off easily and I think his bike is highly secured with this lock.

10. Cycling book


Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die

his gift is just perfect for your favorite cyclist if he always looks for adventures. Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die is very popular book among people who enjoy cycling because it offers refreshing ideas on some of the most interesting places that every true cyclist has to visit.

11. Bar Mitts


Bar Mitts

I think for those who live in cold weather would love this as a gift especially on Christmas.

12. Phone mount

cycling gifts for him phone mount

Taotronics Bike Mount 

During the ride, a cyclist doesn’t have time to check up whether his mobile phone is safe or not. That’s why this Mount Bicycle Holder is just a perfect gift for him- the safety is guaranteed. Moreover, it’s easy to install and remove.

13. Cycling helmet

cycling gifts for him helmet

Schwinn Trasher Bicycle Helmet

When comes to cycling, safety is the most important part so he can enjoy the ride completely. Thanks to the integrated flow vents, he won’t feel the uncomfortable heat, while Dual Fit adjustable design provides safety.

14. I am pretty sure this is an “upside down heart shape” LED safety lights

unusual birthday gifts for cyclist

Waterproof LED Light Tail

This is a nice “upside down heart shape” LED light for his safety purpose. Can I ask what’s in your mind right now?

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