18 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband (Especially #4 and #16)

What is the best birthday gift ideas for husband from a men’s perspective?

I think that is the questions you have been asking google when your husband’s birthday is around the corner and you don’t what you should get for him.

You can find a lot of ideas around the web but I am going to show you 17 handpicked presents that he will like from a men’s perspective. (You must look at #3 and #15)

Let’s keep reading.

1. Romantic Birthday Gifts Ideas For Husband, tell him why you love him with the help of this book


Why I Love You

This 96 pages journal are full of intimate questions that you can answer sweetly about your husband. They have plenty of space for your answer and photos.

This is the most romantic gift you can get for him. I am sure he will appreciate this and it is a great gift to passed down to the next generation.

2. Tell your husband that he is awesome with this t-shirt

birthday gift 9 ideas for husband awesome t shirt

Best Husband Ever T-Shirt

Looking for the best t-shirt you can get for husband birthday? I guarantee you this one is good to go.

3. 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband, he is probably having a good laugh at this


What You Don’t Know About Turning 40

This is a great gift for him to remind him that he is turning 40. There are a lot of funny quiz in this book. One questions that crack me up is ”

One questions that crack me up is “Q : What’s always Step One in any exercise program designed for 40-year-olds? A: “Get up off the sofa”. I am sure he will have a fun night with this book in hand.

4. Birthday Gifts For Husband Who Has Everything. He is going to have a good laugh at this


Redneck Backscratcher

Since he has everything, let’s get something funny and useful for him.

Our movement gets rusted by the time we get the age of 40, scratching our back is never an easy task anymore without a back scratcher.

This Redneck Scratcher is carefully designed for to the shape of a men’s back.

The flexibility on the tines allows maximum comfort and the total of 15 tines that cover the wide area at his back.

5. 30th birthday gift ideas for husband – Spend Time With Him

birthday gift ideas for husband spend time with him

Guys at 30th are often stressed out when the kids are grown up and the stress at work started to build up when he climb to a higher position.

So why not bring him to his to watch his favorite sports team or concert during the weekend. It is a great idea to spend time together.

6. Best Birthday Gifts For Husband


Epic Jerky

You know what is the best birthday gift for your husband? It is FOOD! You can never get wrong with food. Cook for him, get a jerky for him, buy a monthly snacks subscription for him or bring him to his favourite restaurant. The above jerky is made from 100% grass fed Bison.

7. Creative Birthday Gifts For Husband. This plastic welder can fix almost everything


Bondic Plastic Welder

This plastic welder is a great gift for him as he will somehow need it to fix something broken in the house. I like the 100% nontoxic feature so he can fix kids toys.

This is not a glue, that is the reason this product is very family friendly. He can get creative to weld a key hanger on the wall.

8. Perfect Gift For Husband On His Birthday. THis bottle wil help him to live a healthier lifestyle



This is a perfect gift for him to stay healthy. He can bring this to the office, gym, cross fit, or even camping. He can also eat the fruits after the drink is finished.

He can now enjoy any flavor that he likes easily. Mango, kiwi, berries, lemon, lime and any possible fruits he can think of.

9. The Best Gift For Husband on His Birthday. This gadget will bring a lot of convenience at your house


Amazon Echo

He can now listen to music, calling an uber, listen to the podcast, listen to news and 100 other features in Amazon Echo. This thing is just so cool.

The whole family is hungry at night and he I lazy to go out? Call a Domino’s pizza using this device. The voice recognition int his product made everything easier.

10. Kitchen Tools For Him. Shred pork like a Wolverine!


Beast Claw

This is not a wolverine claw for self-defense. (well he can use it as self-defense when he is forced to).

This claw is made to shred meat, mix salad, making bear mark on the trees or scratch his itchy thigh. Just kidding.

11. The Best Homemade Birthday Gifts for Husband. Cook something awesome for his birthday


Skinny Taste Cook Book

Trust me, the best homemade birthday gifts for your husband is a meal made from you. It is even better if both of you can make a meal together for the whole family.

The time you spend together is so precious. If your kids is around, ask them to join too.

12. Personalized Birthday Gifts For Your Husband


Oak Barrel

This is an awesome personalize gifts for your husband. This oak barrel dispenser can hold up to 2 liters of liquid. The best thing is the engraving service is free.

This barrel serves as a great decoration as well.

13. Let Him Learn How To Make Great Drinks from Plants


The Drunken Botanist

It is never too late to learn something new. Do you know Sake are made from rice, scotch emerged from barley, a tequila made from agave, rum made from sugarcane and bourbon from corn?

Yup, this book contain growing tips and more recipes to make drinks for guest or a party. This is a great hobby for him as well.

14. Handmade Copper Mug


Moscow Copper Mug

This mug is 100% made from copper. The lining on the mug is hammered into perfections. This mug is perfect for drinks such as Martini, Ginger Beer, Vodka. (Basically, any drinks you can think of)

15. Awesome Magnetic Bottle Opener that every men should own


Drop Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener

I think this bottle opener create a surreal artwork when the bottle cap piled up together. Just open the water bottle and the built in magnet will catch the bottle cap.

This is a very creative gift that I really like to receive.

16. Terrarium that brighten up his workspace



This is a great gift for husband after marriage. Get one for him and one for you so both of you can grow this together.

It is a beautiful decoration around the house. I think it is a great open conversation with your guest as well.

17. Beard Oil that keep his beard soft so the beard won’t poke your face when he kiss you


Art Naturals Beard Oil

The good old beard oil is always important for us to keep the manly facial hair on check. This beard oil contains all-natural cold-pressed jojoba oil, 100% Moroccan argan oil, and vitamin E. It is made with

It is made with natural ingredient that makes his beard healthy.

18. He can light up his cigarette even on a windy situation with this windproof lighter


Tesla Coil Windproof Lighter

Have you seen this lighter before? The coil can easily light up cigarettes or cigar in seconds even with a strong wind.

It is USB rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about broken lighten with aerosol all over his pocket. It is quite safe and easy to use.

Do you have any friend who is looking for birthday gift ideas for husband? Share this gift ideas with them so they can get their husband the best gifts they will ever receive.

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