16 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men That He Secretly Want

What are the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men?

I am sure your husband or boyfriend already have a lot of stuff that he need by the time he reached his 40th birthday.

So get him useful gifts that he will use everyday might be a great idea.

Let’s get started with the first one.

1. He will love this if he got thinning hair, trust me it will be the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men

Topikk Hair Building Fibers

Most of the women say that a man at his forties is in the best shape and full of life and you’re all so impressed that you don’t even notice that our hair isn’t so full of life anymore.

Let’s just say that part isn’t so cool when you turn 40.

So, if your man starts to feel uncomfortable about his thinning hair you should immediately buy him this amazing product that will bring his confidence back.

2. You know you are 40 when..

40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

You Know You Are 40 When..

Among funny 40th birthday gift ideas for men is definitely this hilarious book. Yes, we’re getting older but that isn’t so scary as it seems.

Needless to say, this book will make your man laugh and he will think about how actually life is great.

3. All books in one place

40th birthday gifts for men kindle

Kindle Paperwhite

Among the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men, you’ll find this very popular Kindle E-reader, that your husband will absolutely love.

Reading books would never be more enjoyable than with this handy device.

Whether your husband reads books on the porch or in his bed, this gift will fit his needs perfectly.

The battery is long lasting and thanks to the light adjustment he can read at night.

4. Beautiful wine carrier


Antique Wooden Wine Box

On our list of 40th birthday gift ideas for men, you’ll find this beautiful wooden wine box that will leave your husband speechless.

So, why don’t you make a romantic dinner for his birthday and put his favorite wine in this amazing box?

5. Free Printable – Get this free love coupon for him!

sentimental gifts for him free printable

Free Birthday Printable Bundle

Not only you will get love coupon, you will get all this listed below as well.

  • 10 free funny printable notes for your friends, husband, or boyfriend birthday
  • 4 free beautiful printable birthday tags
  • 12 free printable love coupon for his coming birthday + 12 empty template for you to add on yourself

Get it now here for free and I am sure he will love it.

6. Beautiful bag

40th birthday gifts for husband tote bag

G-Life Leather Business Bag

There is nothing better for a man when his wife gets him a gift that he really needs. And we always need an elegant briefcase that we can carry to our work.

This one is a perfect choice because it looks stylish and serious, so he will walk down the street with a big smile on his face.

7. He is going to have a great laugh with this

40th birthday gifts for him sexy shot glass

Sexy Shot Glass

If you’re throwing a birthday party for you man, this gift is a must-have. Here we have hilarious glass set that the guests will love.

Obviously, there is no doubt that your man will enjoy making toast with this Hot Female Body Shot Glass.

8. Funny Mug

40th birthday gift ideas for men mug

Against The Law To Look This Good

If you’re looking for meaningful 40th birthday gift ideas for men, you’re at the right place.

This coffee cup isn’t just an ordinary one- this is a cup that will make your husband laugh each time he looks at it.

You can even buy yourself one of these so the two of you can have fun each time you drink that coffee.

9. Himalayan shot glass

40th birthday gifts ideas for husband himalayan salt shot

Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glass With Salt Plate

If your man is a tequila lover, he is going to love this set. What is a better way of celebrating his 40th birthday than with a bottle of tequila, this Himalayan shot glasses?

If what you had in mind was a gift that will impress him, this one will definitely do that. Cheers!

10. It is not too late for him to start a healthy lifestyle

40th birthday gifts for men bowflex

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbell

Keeping up the good shape and a healthy way of life can sometimes be tough because we often got caught up by daily work so we don’t even notice how much we need to let that stress out of our bodies.

So, if that’s the case with your husband, you should buy him this dumbbells to encourage him to start working out again.

11. Rekindle the spark towards your husband

40th birthday gifts ideas for men what I love about you

Knock Knock What I Love About You

In case you’re looking romantic 40th birthday gift ideas for husband, you (and your husband) will love this terrific idea.

What is more romantic than reminding him why you love him so much? So, it’s time for you to be creative and to fill in this Love Journal. I am sure your man will enjoy reading it over and over again.

12. This hand painted skull is just too beautiful to pass

40th birthday gift ideas for him skull

Celtic Lion Skull Hand Painted Figurine

Finding unusual 40th birthday gift ideas for men can be pretty fun especially when we are helping you in that.

Trust me, he doesn’t even have to be a fan of collecting skulls, to love this one. He will definitely remember his 40th birthday by this unique gift.

13. Weird glass

40th birthday gifts for him weird shot glass

Bormioli Shot Glass

A man can never get enough of cool looking glasses that make drinking that scotch even funnier.

Since your husband 40th birthday is getting closer, why don’t you buy him this set of four old fashioned glasses? Because of the unique shape, these glasses will become his favorite ones.

14. Let him get ready for his forty


What You Don’t Know About Turning 40

If you’re looking 40th birthday gift ideas for men, and you want something special that will keep your husband’s birthday party alive, we have the right gift.

“What you don’t know about turning 40” is a pop quiz that comes with 101 questions that will certainly bring a lot of laugh to that party.

15. Picnic backpack for the whole family

40th birthday gifts for men picnic backpack

Ferlin Picnic Backpack

If your family enjoys those lovely picnics on lazy Sundays, we have the perfect gift for your husband’s 40th birthday- A Picnic Backpack.

Like every man, he probably loves when things are simple and practical, and this backpack is definitely both.

What I love about it, is an insulated wine cooler so the two of you can bring your favorite wine and enjoy while kids are playing around.

16. Artisan decanter

40th birthday gift ideas for him decanter

Hand Blown Liquor Decanter

Among unique 40th birthday gift ideas for men, the most popular one is definitely this Decanter.

This handcrafted decanter is a wonderful piece of art that leaves people amazed. There is no doubt that your man will love it.


Well ladies, that would be all. I believe that thanks to this article, choosing that gift is now a piece of cake for you, so the only thing left to do is to share it with your friends who is looking for 40th birthday gift ideas for men.

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