12 Awesome 1st Anniversary Gifts For Him That He Will Absolutely Love

Are you looking for 1st anniversary gifts for him?

Since it is your first anniversary, you might want to give him a meaningful gifts that he will keep forever.

Then you definitely want to check out this 13 list of gifts ideas.

Lets get started.

1. Take a picture with last year’s photo on every year anniversary . You will be amazed at the picture at the age of 50. This will be the best 1st anniversary gifts for him


2. Start a scrap book and fill in with photos, wishes, something sweet he ever said to you ..etc


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If you have plenty of time before your first anniversary then this could be the most wonderful gift as you can plan the contents of the scrapbook well in time.

If you have less time say about fifteen days, you can still surprise him.

All you need to do is collect some memorabilia of the dreamy first year after the wedding, add your special artistic touch and place everything with the fondest love in a bright scrapbook.

You can use pictures, wordings, decorative items and love notes you exchanged. Fetch the brightest colors and make a rainbow out of your memories.

3. Go travel somewhere, keep and frame the tickets


If you two are fond of traveling, then fish out some travel tickets, hotel bills and similar stuff that bring back the memories of togetherness.

Get a beautiful handmade paper sheet and paste these travel bills, tickets, boarding passes and hotel bills. The most important part is getting it framed in a spectacular frame.

When you give him this piece of your creativity on your first anniversary I am sure another week long vacation will be planned right there and you will get another opportunity to start collecting tickets for your second anniversary.

4. Custom house portrait of your first time living together



The home that you lived together in before he popped the question is an unforgettable place.

It will remain special since it is a witness to your passion, love and of course the little squabbles.

Go ahead and paint that home on a canvas.

You need not be a Rembrandt or Michelangelo to sketch your feelings. This will be a cherished gift having a touch of your hands and emotions of your heart.

It surely will pull the right chords in his heart.

5. Write each other a list of reason why you love him on a card, then frame it


I Love You Like a Hobbit Loves Second Breakfast

Love is all about communication and expressing your love to each other.

Relive the amazing year spent together and list down all the reasons for which you love him.

A man who knows how fondly he is being loved will be the one who stays faithful forever.

Write the reasons on a pretty paper or get a printout in some stunning font. Get it framed. You will get a lot of new reasons to love him more than ever.

6. Order his favourite magazine subscription


Magazine Subscription

If your man has a hobby or pastime and is fond of reading about it, then the best gift will be to present him things that he loves to read.

A few suggestions are magazine subscription of automobiles, golf, baseball, soccer, DIY, astronomy, politics, business or any other thing that you think he fancies.

No one knows him better than you. This is the most impressive gift idea if ask me.

7. We Met, We Engaged, We Married Map


You can follow the DIY tutorial in Wedding Bee or get it in etsy

The first year of marriage is very eventful.

It ends up with new discoveries about each other and exploring the un-ventured arenas that make this relationship stronger with each passing day.

Gather all such pictures from the instant you got married till you completed one year of blissful matrimony.

Draw out the journey through them. Annotate each picture with your naughty remarks and let him cherish and relive those moments again.

Your second year of marriage will start as fresh as the first one did.

8. An invitation to the bedroom so you can start making the “first children project”

1st anniversary gifts for him invitation

One year of marriage has been a wonderful journey.

This can be the time to add new travelers on the journey called life.

If you are planning to begin the beautiful phase called parenthood then this is the right time.

Create an inviting note for your husband that inspires him to fulfill this wish of yours.

9. Capture your first year together and print it on Artifact Uprising


Uprising Artifact

Looking back at the milestones of your life is another way to make the coming years pleasant and relishing.

With this gift idea, you need to create a roadmap by marking and connecting all the places where everything exciting happened during your courtship starting from where you first met till where you two took your marriage vows.

10. A ticket to his favourite a concert, movies or his favourite sports team

1st anniversary gifts for him concert

Spending time together and enjoying a favorite event can be an occasion that will let him know how valued he is to you.

Get tickets for his favorite concert, game or event and surprise him on your first anniversary.

This is going to be the gift that he will love to receive on rest of your wedding anniversaries.

11. Japanese fan as home decor with sweet written poem written on it. You can follow the tutorial here

If your husband is romantic at heart then a simple act will stir his feelings forever.

You can pour out your emotions in a poem and write it one a ravishing Japanese foldable fan also made by you.

When he opens this fan and find your love written in rhythm, you can feel the gentle stirring of passion in his eyes.

12. Write him a letter and post it to your house where you live. He is going to keep that forever

1st anniversary gifts for him letter to her

Letter To My love

This is the best way to say those unspoken emotions that you could never convey otherwise.

Acknowledge your devotion for the anchor of your life and offer him everything that you want him to hold forever.

Have you decided which anniversary gift to get for him?

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